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The licensing and regulation of Private Investigators in the UK will affect all aspects of investigation’ in the private sector such as interviewing, taking statements, conducting investigations, locating debtors, people searchingsurveillances and serving legal documents.

As the likelihood of regulation for the private investigator sector becomes apparent our training section: Private Investigator Training UK is an approved IQ and Pearson Edexcel Centre that offers the Level Three Award for Professional Investigators.

We offer both licence linked training and general investigator training to supply the knowledge and expertise to operate and maintain a successful private investigation operation. Please remember the key points:

The Private Investigator Sector in the UK is not currently licensed, but, the Industry is on the verge of licencing under the Security Industry Authority.

The first training course linked to Licensing that was approved by the Security Industry Authority was the Pearson Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators. Pearson now offer a BTEC Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators. IQ also offer a well-regarded Level 3 for Professional Investigators.

The legal and commercial sectors are looking for capable investigators who can demonstrate that they have taken the time to study for and have completed an accredited exam.

A Level 3 Professional Investigator Award proves that you understand the law and ethics as they relate to private investigations and that you can demonstrate your credibility, integrity and competence.

Essentially, new comers to the industry must consider further training courses – use the Level 3 Award as a starting off point. Remember that Burton Regan Limited / Private Investigator Training UK also provide training in, “How to actually do the job”.

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